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2000 ionised air blower

Technical sheet

Model 2000 Ionised Air Blowers are long distance static eliminators with a robust stainless steel construction and powerful ionisation performance.

Benefits and Advantages

• 2000 Blowers produce a high volume of ionised air to neutralise static charges in a wide variety of industrial applications.
• Robust stainless steel construction for a long trouble-free life.
• Ionisation is provided by two 1250 Bars, mounted in the “mouth” for fast, market-leading static neutralisation.
• Integrated Power Unit for sizes 50cm and above.
• Sizes available - from 25cm up to 3m in steps of 25cm.
• The Ionised air leaves the blower and expands at approximately 15º in both axes.
• Swivel L brackets allow for versatile mounting.

electricite statique

2000 air blower

Model 2000 Blowers are used to neutralise the static charges on mouldings, winders, unwinders, bench tops and other large objects or wide area applications

Length: From 25 cm to 3 m , in 25cm steps.
Cable: The 25cm Blower has 2 x 2m HT cable to external Power
Unit. All sizes have IEC connector and 2m mains cable.
Température max. 60°C.
Fans: 5600 l/m per fan/25 cm.
Safety: 100 MOhm resistance for shockless operation. Current limited to 5mA
Power Unit: 9055-2 Power Unit for 25cm model only.
All other sizes have an integrated Power Unit..
Electrical: 115V or 230V 50/60Hz. Please specify.
Consumption 25cm: 80W. Then 40W per extra 25cm.
Options Fan speed controller, filters.
Light-free construction for photographic applications

2000 Blowers are CE Certified

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